We supply accessories for garment and footwear industry - transitional industries and we hope our product will implement in that to create a perfect supply-chain. Our product, mainly plastic, shell and metalbutton, are provided to lot of garment factories in Vietnam.

SUNVIBUTTON’s resources

   • HR resource: Three Chinese experts for each production process (mix color, making hold and waxing). They has at least 10 working-experience years in making button field and 20 Vietnamese production staffs.

   • Technology resource: Two production lines with new and high tech machines

   • Order process:

    1. Making sample schedule: 10-15 days

    2. Bulk production schedule : 15-20 days

Our strength:

    1. Vary in size and type to each individual need like two holes or four holes, printing and engraving logo...

    2. Light effect like pear effect, moon effect, ect.

    3. Having factory in Vietnam and capability is 15.000 gross per month so we are capable of proving excellent quality and quantity product in a short time.

We hope to give you more information about the material, design and our company so Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and support.